Everything I do with London's Bridge Photography is to honor London, to capture the beauty in everyday life, and to give back to others.  I strive to keep London's memory alive so that her beautiful life, though short, will never be forgotten.  My logo is a representation of London's beautiful life, and it symbolizes the mission and purpose of London's Bridge Photography.  

In the logo, you'll notice London, our beautiful angel, sitting on the heart and spreading love & cheer.  The heart represents London's special heart and the love that goes into capturing beautiful memories through photography.  The bridge represents the connections that are made through sharing London's story & the opportunities I have to give back to others.  The two blue birds represent London's brothers, Jagger & Jack.  It also reminds me of London sitting on her throne bossing her brothers around, too! Haha :)  I bet she'd be doing that if she were here!! 


The colors are bright, cheerful, & full of life, which is what I imagine London being like now at 11 years old.  A bright & cheerful experience is what I hope to provide every client - along with images that are full of life!  To me, this is so much more than just a logo.  It is London's story, my family's story, and the story behind my business.  I like to describe London's Bridge Photography as "Fun, Life-Inspired, & Storytelling", and I feel like my logo captures that idea.  It makes my heart smile to be able to share my story with you!  

Although I had a general idea of what I wanted, the incredibly talented artist, Stephanie Corfee, brought my ideas to life!  I cannot thank Stephanie enough for helping me tell London's story in such a beautiful, meaningful way!